If you are unhappy with the outcome of your Scottish Welfare Fund application you can ask for the decision to be looked at again in writing and explain the reasons for the application for review.

Requests for review must:

  • Be made within 20 working days of the original decision, though the Local Authority may use its discretion to allow later applications, for example when illness has prevented an application being made.
  • Be made in writing and explain the reason for the application for a review and include any additional information to support the case.
  • Include any reference number and the date of the decision being questioned
  • Include an explanation if there has been a change of circumstances since the original application or first tier review.
  • Be signed by the applicant or consent should usually be required from the applicant in writing unless this places unreasonable demands on the applicant, for example due to disability or other health issues, problems with literacy.

Applications for review should be sent to Scottish Welfare Fund, Inverclyde Council, Finance Services, Wallace Place, Greenock PA15 1LY.

First Tier Review

The merits of the case will be re-considered determining whether the original decision was fair and reasonable. There may be a need to gather additional information or evidence to do this.

The maximum processing time for a first tier review for a Crisis Grant decision is 2 working days. The maximum processing time for a first tier review for a Community Care Grant is 15 working days.

Decisions will be notified by phone and followed up in writing.

Independent Second Tier Review

An applicant who is dissatisfied by the outcome of a review by a local authority can ask the SPSO to carry out a second tier review. The SPSO’s service is free, independent and impartial. More information is available on their website ( or by phoning them on 0800 014 7299.