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Neighbourhood Watch is an initiative that can help bring communities and neighbourhoods together to address crime and other safety issues. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to these schemes as they can be adapted by their members.


Some benefits of Neighbourhood Watch schemes are:

  • Being a member of a registered Neighbourhood Watch scheme can possibly secure a discount on your house insurance.
  • Crime prevention and reducing the fear of crime.
  • Bringing people together.
  • Helping develop community spirit.
  • Encouraging problems to be shared.
  • Working with other Neighbourhood Watch schemes, community groups and agencies such as Inverclyde Council, Police Scotland and Registered Social Landlords.


There are a number of Neighbourhood Watch schemes in Inverclyde covering a single street or larger areas. Inverclyde Council can help members of public establish a Neighbourhood Watch scheme by providing officer support, introductions to relevant partners and free materials (subject to numbers and Neighbourhood Watch scheme finance).

Further information can be found about these schemes across Scotland by clicking on 'Neighbourhood Watch' within the external links section of this page.

If you wish to contact us to set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme you can do so by using the details within the contacts section of this page.