Other Archaeology

Palaeolithic and Neolithic Archaeology

The collection includes flints, hammer stones and other stone tools, amongst the more important items are a group of 10 Palaeolithic flint implements from Milton Street, Kent and Palaeolithic stone axes from Ireland.

Iron Age and Roman Period Archaeology

The collection contains largely Roman ceramic pieces and sherds with paving bricks and sandals. There is also an ancient horseshoe from Tarsus, a Carthaginian oil lamp and a votive tablet from Carthage bearing an inscription incised inscription in Phoenician referring to the deity Baal Hammon.

Inverclyde Archaeology

The Archaeology Collection also contains archaeological material discovered within the borders of the Inverclyde area and includes industrial archaeology. The collection consists of items recovered from various sites within Inverclyde, in addition to various single items. They date from the Palaeolithic Period and Bronze Age onwards and includes items recovered from the wreck of the Comet II off Gourock and items from archaeological digs carried out in recent years at Newark Castle, Port Glasgow, Castle Levan, Gourock and the site of the former Clyde Pottery Works, Greenock.

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