Active Schools/Sports Development Club Accreditation

In April of 2015, the Active Schools/Sport Development Safe Club procedure was overhauled to include more in depth information from clubs and was named Inverclyde Active Schools/Sport Development Club Accreditation. This revamp has allowed us to ensure that the clubs which we work with are safe and welcoming to all current and any new members.

As a team, we have been promoting this around the clubs which we currently have a relationship with and are working closely with a number of clubs to allow them to gain their certificate.

If a club wishes to work with us (and any school) they must now have a certificate of Accreditation (valid for three years) and have been given the OK to use the relevant yearly logo (valid for 1 year) – copies of which are available to download from this page for your reference. Please note that any club, either delivering within a school or being promoted must be in possession of these.

The club accreditation form can be download from this page, however for more details contact active schools sports development team at the details on this page.