Community Sports Hub

CSH are based in local facilities such as sport centres, community centres, club pavilions, the natural environment and/or schools. The CSH will provide a stable home for local sports clubs with aim of better connecting the clubs with the community and support partners.Inverclyde Council are committed to developing sport and sporting opportunities for the local people with the first CSH at Parklea now up and running and with another two in the pipline.

Some of the outcomes which the community sports hub will hope to achieve are:

  • Providing the pathway
  • More opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity
  • A home where a range of local sports clubs can work together
  • A welcome and safe place to take part in sport and physical activity

Well trained people

  • Training and development of people that make sport happen

Better Established Clubs

  • Self sustainable sports clubs/organisations
  • A social environment that engages members of the community

Quality Facilities

  • Improved access for local people and sports clubs at affordable prices
  • Integration with local facility planning and programming

For more information on Community Sports Hubs within inverclyde contact Robbie Cuthbert (community Sports Hub Development Officer) using the details in the Contacts section of this page.