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Follow the link Community Council Pages for details of the seven individual Community Councils and the four areas for which no Community Council has been formed.

Community Councils act as a voice for the residents of the areas they serve in finding out the views of the local community and taking any action necessary.

Community Councils need to represent a full cross-section of the community and must be non-party political, and encourage the involvement of people irrespective of gender, race, age, disability, nationality or sexual orientation.

The local authority and community councils work together closely and their relationship is about positive partnership working. Inverclyde Council is required to consult community councils on planning applications affecting their area. Similarly, councils consult in respect of liquor and licensing applications.

Health boards must also consult community councils regarding any proposed changes to their services and the police consult and provide regular reports.

If you wish to take part in the work of your Community Council, or if you are simply looking for information on Community Councils, the leaflet "Your Community Council - Getting Involved" is available on page for "Documents and Other Websites" that is linked to from this page.

A detailed Community Council Handbook on the operation of Community Councils under Inverclyde Council's Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils is available on "Documents and Other Websites" page

Inverclyde Council's Community Learning and Development Team provide support and training for Community Councils. Follow the link on this page marked “Support for Community Councils” for contact details for the team and information of the training and support available.

Community Councils may also be eligible for funding for particular projects by way of Community Grants. More information is available on Community Grants on the further link on this page, or from the Community Learning and Development Team.

A co-option form has also been included in the documents section of this page, for use by Community Councils when advising Inverclyde Council that they have co-opted a new member.

If you wish any further information on the operation of Community Councils in Inverclyde please contact the Community Council Liaison on the email address shown in the contacts section of this page.

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