What you need to tell us

We will need to see a copy of the death certificate if the Registrar hasn't informed us of the death.

Please contact us to notify us that somebody has died.

We may need to ask you some or all of the following details:

  • When the person died
  • The date they moved out if they moved into residential care
  • Who is now living in the property
  • If Council Tax Reduction and Housing Benefit is being claimed
  • Who the executor is and where correspondence should be sent
  • The date grant of confirmation is given and the beneficiaries names
  • The date the property is sold and the new owners name
  • The date the tenancy was ended by the landlord and who the landlord is
  • If you wish to pay by direct debit

Keeping us informed about empty properties

Please send us a copy of the grant of confirmation when it is received.

Please tell us when the property is sold and who to.

Please tell us when the property becomes occupied and the residents names.