Council Tax Charge

Your Council Tax bill is based on the valuation band allocated to your property by the Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board. The office covering Inverclyde is based at:

Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board
The Robertson Centre
16 Glasgow Road

Each property is placed into one of eight valuation bands according to its market value on 1 April 1991. If your property was built after this date then the Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board decide which band they think it would have been on 1 April 1991. This means you cannot get a good indication of the band of a property based on current market values.

The eight valuation bands are:-

Band A - Up to £27,000
Band B - £27,001 to £35,000
Band C - £35,001 to £45,000
Band D - £45,001 to £58,000
Band E - £58,001 to £80,000
Band F - £80,001 to £106,000
Band G - £106,001 to £212,000
Band H - Over £212,000

The Valuation List

A complete list of all the valuation bands for Inverclyde Council (known as the Valuation List) is held at the Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board. The Valuation List shows all the property addresses, bands and effective dates for every domestic property in  Inverclyde.

Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board is responsible for maintaining the Valuation List, by valuing any new properties, agreeing address changes and deciding any changes to valuation bands etc. Visit the Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board website (see Related External Links) for full details of their service and your rights as a council tax payer.

Can I Appeal?

Yes. All appeals were to be submitted between 1 April 1993 and 30 November 1993, however, new occupiers have the Right to Appeal up to six months from the date of occupation.

However, remember that Council Tax valuations will always be based on the price a property would have realised if it had been sold on 1 April 1991. Any decrease in value which has resulted from falling house prices will be ignored.

To check your current Council Tax band visit the Scottish Assessors website under the external links on the left.

Further information on the Council Tax increases by the Scottish Government can be found on their website.


Council Tax Charges 2023 / 24

We set our Council Tax for the next financial year, 2023-2024. The table below details the charges for each band for Council Tax, Water and Sewerage.

For information on how your Council Tax bill is calculated and how Inverclyde Council spends its budget, please see the Information leaflet which can be accessed from the Documents section.

Band Council Tax Water Sewerage Total

Council Tax banding 2023 / 24

A 953.18 154.98 179.88 1288.04
B 1112.04 180.81 209.86 1502.71
C 1270.91 206.64 239.84 1717.39
D 1429.77 232.47 269.82 1932.06
E 1878.56 284.13 329.78 2492.47
F 2323.38 335.79 389.74 3048.91
G 2799.97 387.45 449.70 3637.12
H 3502.94 464.94 539.64 4507.52

Charges for Water and Waste Water

Council Tax bills also include charges made by Scottish Water for water and sewerage services.

The charge for this part of the Council Tax bill is set by the water authority.

The Council is legally required to collect these charges but retains none of the income.

For more information go to the Scottish Water website in the External Links area.