Changes in Circumstances

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When your Council Tax bill was calculated it was based on your circumstances at the time, for example, the number of people in the property, or if you were receiving benefit based on your income etc. If anything changes to alter these circumstances the amount you pay will change and a new bill must be issued. This new charge will take effect from the day your circumstances changed, NOT the start of the next year when you get a new bill or from the date you are due to make your next payment.

Your bill could change if: 

  • The number of adults living in the property changes. This could affect the amount of discount you receive, or who the bill should be sent to. This can happen because you get married, or someone moves in with you permanently, or if unfortunately, someone dies. A person living on their own for example, is entitled to a 25% discount (see Discounts, Reliefs and Exemptions).
  • The property becomes empty - there may be nothing to pay.
  • Your income changes - this may affect your entitlement to Council Tax Reduction.

What you should do if your circumstances change

As the person whose name is on the bill, you are LEGALLY required to inform the Council of any changes you think may affect your Council Tax bill AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. A delay in informing us could lead to difficulties - for example:

  • If your bill goes up you may have difficulty paying the higher amount all at once, which can happen if you delay telling us of a change.
  • If you are receiving Council Tax Reduction, any delay could lead to Benefit being over or underpaid. This again may cause problems, as any overpaid benefit will be reclaimed, which will then increase the amount you have to pay.  

Please use the linked documents under the Documents section of this page to inform us of any changes.