Information on Inverclyde's Councillors

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As with all Local Government bodies, Inverclyde Council is run by your elected representatives (Councillors).

Inverclyde Council has 22 Councillors. The political make-up of the Council is as follows:

8 Labour
4 Independent
2 Conservative
1 Liberal Democrat

Please use the 'Your Councillors' link on this page for further details on who your Councillors are.

You can also read about the Councillors' Code of Conduct.

If you would like to view a map of Inverclyde's Wards, please click on the link in the Documents section of this page.

Should you wish to contact your Councillor concerning any issue please use the link on this page and fill in the on-line form. Your complaint will be logged, acknowledged and given a reference number, which should be used in any future correspondence.

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