Delivering Modern, Innovative Services

This page contains a range of performance information aimed at demonstrating the progress that is being made in the delivery of the following Corporate Plan organisational priority:

To deliver services that are responsive to community needs and underpinned by a culture of innovation, continuous improvement and effective management of resources

Click on the link in the Documents section to view a snapshot of our performance in relation to delivering modern, innovative services.   

You can view full details of performance including trends, targets and a commentary in the 'Delivering Modern, Innovative Services' performance report that is also located in the Documents section.   

Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) are a tool to ensure that the policies, practices and decision of the Council are fair and do not inadvertently discriminate against any protected group and you can find the EIAs publlished by the Council in the Related Links section.  Inverclyde Couincil also publishes details of its perfomance in relation to complaints and you can find the Annual Complaints Report as well as other information on complaints in the Related Links section also.