Directorate and Service Planning

This is where you will find information on how the Council carries out its Directorate and Service Planning.

The Council has three Corporate Directorates, each led by a Corporate Director.  In the case of the Health and Social Care Partnership the Corporate Director is also the Chief Officer for that Partnership. 

Each Corporate Director has a number of Corporate responsibilities which are set out in the Corporate Directorate Improvement Plans.

On this page you can click through to the following Corporate Directorate Improvement Plans:

  • Education, Communities and Organisational Development
  • Environment,  Regeneration and Resources
  • Health and Social Care Partnership 

The Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) also has a Strategic Plan which can be found at the related links section of the HSCP page.

The Directorate Plans are reviewed annually.  The review considers the progress that has been made overall, whether the improvement actions are still relevant and any significant changes or challenges that have had an impact on the Directorate over the previous year.

Under each Directorate you can also view service statements for each of the services which sit within the Directorates.

Page last updated: 2 November 2018