Flu Vaccination frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

1.       Why has the way people get their flu vaccine changed?

a.       Due to COVID restrictions and to do everything we can to keep our patients safe, the way you get your flu vaccination may be different this year. Most eligible individuals will be assigned a date, time and location (likely to be a community vaccination centre, rather than at your GP surgery), where you will receive your vaccine. You will be notified by letter of these details and we would like to encourage everyone to do everything possible to keep this appointment, to avoid any delays to getting the vaccine caused by rescheduling.

2.       What is the rationale for using community vaccination centres?

a.       Community vaccination centres have been set up to ensure we can adhere to social distancing when vaccinating people. This is also why many GP surgeries are not operating flu drop-in centres as they have in the past – they simply do not have the space.  Our priority is to keep you safe while receiving your flu vaccination, so while we understand that you may need to travel a little further than usual and wait for a letter to get your appointment, we really want to ensure that we can see all eligible people in the safest way possible.

3.       Why can’t I get my vaccination from my GP?

a.       GP practices cannot do all vaccinations as in previous years because of the space and time required to ensure adequate social distancing and safety.  However, where the GP surgery has space and capacity, some eligible people who are under 65 and in at risk groups will have their vaccine at their GP surgery. For all of those who are in the 65+ cohort, if you haven’t already, you will receive a letter in the next 4-6 weeks with details of your appointment at a community vaccination clinic

4.       Can I just go to the community pharmacy and pay for my vaccine?

a.       You can do this, although we would strongly recommend that if you are eligible for a free vaccine, your try to attend your assigned appointment as this will enable you can benefit from a free vaccine.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to reimburse you if you decide to pay for a vaccination.

5.       I cannot attend my appointment, what should I do?

a.      We are asking all patients to make every effort to attend their appointment to ensure everyone have the opportunity to receive their vaccine ahead of this year’s flu season.   If you are unable to attend and need to change, and are aged 65 or over, please dial 0141 201 4180   to reschedule your appointment. Alternatively you can email adult.flu@ggc.scot.nhs.uk and we will make every effort to accommodate an alternative appointment.  If you are in the 18-64 at risk group and have received an appointment from your GP practice, you should contact the practice directly to rearrange.

6.       I am unable to travel to my vaccination appointment, what should I do?

a.       We ask that people please make every effort to attend their local vaccination centre.  If you are unable to do so, please dial 0141 201 4180 in the first instance.  If you are due to attend your GP practice, please contact the local practice.

7.       I’ve received my appointment letter, but the appointment date has passed. What can I do?

a.       We understand that due a national distribution issue some appointment letters have arrived after the appointment date.   We can only apologise for this.  We will do everything possible to accommodate individuals who have been affected and support them to reschedule by calling 0141 201 4180 or emailing adult.flu@ggc.scot.nhs.uk. For those who are yet to receive their letters, they are being sent by National Services Scotland on a phased basis, according to age, over the next 4-6 weeks.

8.       I am an unpaid carer or I live with someone who is on the shielding register, should I get a vaccine?

a.      If you are aged 18-64 and live in the same house as someone who is on the shielding register, or if you are aged 18-64 and you are an unpaid carer (e.g for a family member, friend or neighbour) you can get your free flu vaccine from one of the  participating community pharmacies. Please choose a pharmacy and call them to make an appointment.  Explain that you are eligible for a free flu vaccine because you are a carer or live in the same house as someone who is shielding. If you are aged 12-17 years old and are a carer or live in the same house as someone who is shielding, telephone 0141 532 8768 to make an appointment.

9.       I haven’t received my letter yet. When will I get it? 

a.       If you are aged over 65, you should receive your letter in the next 4-6 weeks (by the second half of November) and we thank you for your patience.   People aged 55- 64 will be contacted during November regarding the second phase of the programme during which they will be eligible for vaccination.

10.   Who classifies as at risk?

a.       More information about classifications for at risk groups can be found on the NHS Inform website.

11.       Who will I receive my letter from?

a.       National Services Scotland will be sending appointment letters to all over 65s in Scotland. If you haven’t already received yours, these should be received in the next 4-6weeks.

12.       Do I need to attend a different GP surgery or the NHS Louisa Jordan hospital for my flu vaccination?

a.       No. The list of community vaccination centres is available here. For those in the 18-64rs “at risk” cohort, you may be able to receive your vaccination from your local GP.  For those aged 55+ who are not classified as at risk, you will receive a letter confirming your appointment time and location, likely to be a community vaccination centre. For people in Inverclyde, some GP surgeries are providing appointments for the 55+cohorts. Please check locally for availability in this area.

13.         How will my child be vaccinated?

This will be done via the school vaccination programme. Please visit NHS Inform for more details or contact your child’s school.