PAThS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies)

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The PAThS Curriculum is a comprehensive, developmentally based curriculum intended to:

  • Promote social and emotional competence
  • Prevent or reduce behavioural and emotional problems in young children
  • Prevent future adjustment problems through the development and integration of essential skills in emotional literacy, behavioural self-control and problem solving
  • Improve the social and academic climate of the classroom and school

Teachers can integrate PAThS lessons into their regular classroom curricula.  The PAThS curriculum has been highly evaluated and provides teachers with a systematic, developmental procedure for enhancing social-emotional and academic competence in children.

PAThs is currently being implemented within a number of primary schools and one nursery within Inverclyde.

Inverclyde Educational Psychology Service:

Support schools as required regarding information about PAThS and ongoing advice with queries.

Organise and attend support and development groups for practitioners implementing the PAThS curriculum.