Work Experience Programme

Inverclyde Council benefits greatly from the participants it engages on its Work Experience Programme. This programme aims to provide a framework which people training for the world of work can develop, and become valued and successful members of a workforce.

If you are still at school and have to find an unpaid work placement as part of the National Curriculum, or are currently a student considering a placement as part of your college course work, the following information may be helpful in finding a suitable placement within Inverclyde Council.

  • In the first instance; discuss with your teacher/college lecturer the various services within the Council - investigate our web site and decide which service you wish to gain experience in “the world of work”.
  • All interested parties must complete the standard Council Work Experience application form which requires you to list your 1st, 2nd and 3rd placement choice ensuring that the placement secured will be relevant and of interest to you.
  • On receipt of your completed application form the chosen service will then be approached and if workload/staffing issues allow, a placement is agreed. Placements vary in length depending on individual need, but are likely to be short; e.g., 5 days in duration.

Once your placement has been secured it is recommended that a pre-placement visit is arranged. This will enable; an introduction to your workplace supervisor and colleagues; agreement on the hours you will work and health & safety issues explained.

On completion of your planned work experience programme you will be issued with a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of completing your placement with this Authority.

Most school pupils/college students regard this programme as a highly relevant and worthwhile part of their education and preparation for their future careers.

To find out more about Work Experience opportunities for young people with Inverclyde Council contact the Workforce Development Team on 01475 715555.