School lunch in secondary school

Learning and health go hand in hand. Good health of children and young people are a prerequisite for educational achievement. Inverclyde Council, therefore, recognises the importance of providing and prompting healthy school lunches within all our schools. The idea is simple and adheres to The Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007 by providing wholesome, nutritionally balanced meals the school children will eat and to encourage children to make healthier eating choices which means eating more fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates and cutting down on foods high in fat and sugar. We need your help to make the message clear to children and to other parents / carers that school meals are nutritious and healthy.

What happens in schools

The lunch menus follow strict nutritional guidelines to make sure your child gets a healthy diet. This means all recipes are nutritionally analysed to ensure each meal has a good mix of protein, iron, fibre, vitamins and minerals to provide a healthy balance across all menu choices. We have made a huge commitment to make the school meals more appetising and healthier for children.

 Food information

  • We use reduced sugar and salt beans
  • Our beef burgers are especially formulated so they are reduced in fat and salt
  • Our suppliers cannot guarantee their products are 100% nut free
  • All items on the menu are subject to availability. Changes to the menu may occur throughout the year, for example Theme Days and for unavoidable problems with deliveries
  • Wherever possible we will do our best to meet special dietary requests. These have to be made through a dietitian. If any further information is required please use feedback link:

Special diets

Please contact the school if your child has any special dietary requirements. If you are in seeing a Dietician, it is likely they will put the necessary measures in place in order to provide the best we can for your child.

Please contact your childs establishment for a current menu and prices.