Allergy labelling legislation

People with food allergies have to be extremely careful about what they eat. Food labelling is therefore very important to those with food allergies as there can be potentially serious consequences from eating food to which they are allergic.

Food Allergy

On 13 December 2014, new legislation (the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation 1169/2011) will require food businesses to provide allergy information on food sold unpackaged, in for example catering outlets, deli counters, bakeries and sandwich bars. There will also be changes to existing legislation on labelling allergenic ingredients in prepacked foods.

Inverclyde Council Environmental Health have identified food business which may be affected by this new legislation and have written to them advising of the introduction of the new legislation and also provided an ‘Allergen Information for Loose Foods’ publication.

If your business is affected by the new legislation and you are unsure how to record and and/or communicate the new rules on allergens, you may find the allergen matrix chart produced by the Food Standards Agency useful (available to download from this page).

More information about the new European legislation can be found on the Food Standards Agency website (linked on this page).

Alternatively, if you would rather speak to an Enforcement Officer regarding any aspect of the new rules, please contact the Customer Service Centre to speak to Environmental Health.