Information on Black Wheelie Bins

Unless you have a designated bin uplift area, you should place your bin on the kerbside before 7am on the day of uplift. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bin is out for collection - if it’s not out it won’t be emptied. It is an offence under the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 if you fail to remove your bin from the kerbside after it has been emptied – you must remove it as soon as possible.

You can mark your bin with your flat or house number using adhesive letters or numbers - please do not use paint. You must not place heavy items e.g. stones, concrete, bricks, soil etc, into your bin - if it’s too heavy your bin may not be emptied. Do not pack your bin too tightly - items wedged into it may become stuck and your bin may not be emptied. Do not place hot ashes or corrosive material in your bin.

Theft or vandalism should be reported to Police Scotland and the Recycling Helpline.

Occupants of properties built or refurbished after 1996 must purchase their own BLACK wheelie bin. Please refer to the Charging Booklet via the link on this page.

All of your waste must be contained within your bin with the lid closed - no side waste or excess waste will be collected.

It is appreciated that, whilst making full use of the recycling collections, a few households may have difficulty containing their waste in the standard wheelie bin.  We can, in certain circumstances, agree to the short term loan of a wheelie bin for a period of up to two years.  This request must be made by e-mail to:

or in writing  to:

Inverclyde Council
Environmental and Commercial Services
1 Ingleston Park, Cartsburn Street
Greenock                                                                                                                                                                                       PA15 4UE

Please include your home address and contact telephone number and detail how you recycle at present and outline why one black wheelie bin is insufficient.  A member of the Recycling Team will contact you within ten working days to assess your needs.

Note: If you plan to purchase a bin elsewhere, please contact us in advance to ensure that it is compatible with our lifting equipment.