Changing a Civil Partnership to a Marriage

From 16 December 2014, couples in a Civil partnership, provided it was registered in Scotland, will be able to change their civil partnership to a marriage in Scotland if they wish.

How to Change a Civil Partnership to Marriage

If you do decide to change your civil partnership to marriage, there are 2 ways you can do this:

By the Administrative Route Using the Prescribed Application Form:

You can change your civil partnership to marriage using the administrative route.  Firstly make an appointment with the Registrar for the date on which you want the change to take place. (available from 16 December 2014).

When you attend you will need to provide your civil partnership certificate and photographic ID i.e. passport, driving licence.  You will then both be asked to complete the application form.  Although this can be completed prior to the appointment, the legal requirement is that it is completed with both parties present so completion before the Registrar ensures this requirement is complied with.  Each party will be asked to complete one column of the form over section 1-12.  (Information supplied at section 1,4,&5 should be as applicable at the time of the application.)

By Ceremony:

Alternatively, you can change your civil partnership to marriage by having a civil, religious or belief ceremony.  For more information on how to organise your ceremony see Leaflet RM1 which can be obtained from any Registration Office in Scotland.  Information on getting married in Scotland is also available on the NRS website -

Date of Marriage

Under both routes described above, your marriage will be recognised in law as having started on the date you registered your civil partnership and, if you obtain a marriage certificate, it will state that your marriage is legally recognised as having started on that earlier date.

How Much Does it Cost?

If you want to change your civil partnership to marriage by having a ceremony then the relevant fees will apply - see fees booklet under Marriages.

If you want to change via the administrative route then this is free of charge if your civil partnership was registered before 16 December 2014 and you choose to change within one year of that date i.e. before 16 December 2015.

However, if your civil partnership was after 16 December 2014 or you choose to change your civil partnership to marriage after 16 December 2015, you will need to pay the statutory fee for the administrative route - £30.00.

Both processes offer a marriage certificate upon completion for the statutory fee of £10.00.

We hope the information provided above answers any queries you may have, however if we can help further please do not hesitate to contact the Registration Service (refer to Contacts section of the page).

Office Opening Hours

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Alternatively you can contact staff in The Marriage/Civil Partnership Section of The National Records of Scotland (NRS), New Register House, Edinburgh EH1 3YT.