The Effects of The Immigration Act 2014 on Civil Marriages and Partnerships

Immigration Act 2014

From 1 March 2015 additional requirements to be married/civil partnered in Scotland have to be met.

These include a 28 day clear notice period, and proof of residence for all applicants.  There is also the option for the Home Office to extend the notice period from 28 days to 70 days should an application be referred to the Home Office for further investigation such as an interview or home visit.

Additionally, those applicants who fall into the above category will also be required to complete a Declaration of Immigration Status Form (see opposite).

There are three categories of Statement:

(A) The person has appropriate immigration status.

Details and evidence of the immigration status will be required - failure to comply will result in Home Office referral

(B) The person holds a relevant visa in respect of marriage or civil partnership

The person giving notice should supply details of the visa and make the visa available to be copied - failure to comply will result in referral to the Home Office

(C) The person has neither appropriate immigration status or visa

This person will be required to complete Statement D where evidence of the person's staus i.e. over-stayer, student visa or illegal immigrant will be required - this application will be referred to the Home Office

Declarations B and C must be accompanied by photographs of BOTH parties, regardless of whether the second party is not considered to be part of the above category.

If you have queries regarding these requirements, please contact the Registration Service. Please ask to speak to either a Registrar.

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