Gotter Water Flood Prevention Works 2023

Quarriers Village, Inverclyde


Surface water currently gathers at the corner of the farmers field (Craigbet Avenue and unnamed path) as a result of Craigbet Avenue Road Bridge causing a flow restriction on Gotter Water. Surface water flows from the field down the unnamed path and accumulates within the sunken garden of 7 Torr Avenue.

Works commenced in May 2023 with initial exploratory trial holes and then the main construction works started in early June. Planned completion is October/November 2023.

The works will cover the following:

  • to create a concrete lined drainage channel to convey the water from the farmers field along the unnamed path.  There will be path improvements carried out as part of the works in that a fully surfaced path will be provided with pedestrian guardrails which will run alongside the formed drainage channel.
  • the drainage channel will then discharge via headwall and piped outlet to a surface water pipe (600mm dia).
  • the surface water pipe will be installed along Torr Avenue, crossing Craigbet Road, before discharging to Gotter Water downstream of Nittingshill Bridge.
  • works involved on Torr Avenue will be the installation of the surface water pipe and associated manhole chambers and the full resurfacing of Torr Avenue.