Primary Gritting Route 3 - A770, Inverkip & Wemyss Bay

  1. Start Gritting Cathcart St Car Park (West) to Bank St – right turn – Banks St – left turn and go round Cathcart Sq to Cathcart St
  2. Stop Gritting Cathcart St to Terrace Rd – right turn
  3. Start Gritting Terrace Rd to Regent St – right turn
  4. Stop Gritting Regent St to Bank St – right turn
  5. Start Gritting Bank St – Cathcart St – A8 – left turn
  6. Stop Gritting A8 to Bullring Roundabout- take second exit to A770
  7. Start Gritting A770 Dalrymple St –Grey Place - Brougham St - Eldon St - Cardwell Rd - Chapel St - Shore St - Kempock St - Albert Rd to Outdoor Swimming Pool – about turn – Lower Kempock Street to Shore St.
  8. Stop Gritting Travel Shore St to Entrance to Rail Station Car Park – turn left
  9. Start Gritting Station Carpark Access Rd to Kempock St
  10. Stop Gritting Travel Kempock St to Entrance slip to Lower Kempock St – turn right
  11. Start Gritting Entrance slip to Lower Kempock St – Lower Kempock St
  12. Stop Gritting Travel Lower Kempock St – turn right – Travel Kempock St to Gourock Outdoor Pool.
  13. Start Gritting Gourock Outdoor Pool - Ashton Rd - Cloch Rd to Dunvegan Ave - turn left - Dunvegan Ave - Tantallon Ave to Taymouth Dr - turn left - Taymouth Dr to end - turn.
  14. Stop Gritting Return to Cloch Rd - turn left.
  15. Start Gritting Cloch Rd to Faulds Park Rd - turn left - Faulds Park Rd to end.
  16. Stop Gritting Travel Faulds Park Rd to Finbraken Dr, turn right.
  17. Start Gritting Finbraken Dr to end.
  18. Stop Gritting Travel Finbraken Dr to Faulds Park Rd - turn right – Travel Faulds Park Rd to Cloch Rd - about turn.
  19. Start Gritting Centre Section Faulds Park Rd Junction - about turn.
  20. Stop Gritting Travel to Cloch Rd - turn left.
  21. Start Gritting Cloch Rd to A78 Junction - turn around Cloch Rd (short section dual carriageway) - turn.
  22. Stop Gritting Cloch Rd to A78 Junction - turn right - go to East entrance of Inverkip - turn left.
  23. Start Gritting Main St to Langhouse Rd - turn left - Langhouse Rd to Langhouse Ave - turn left - Langhouse Ave - Swallow Brae to Swallow Cres - turn left - Swallow Cres back to Swallow Brae.
  24. Stop Gritting Travel Swallow Brae - Langhouse Ave - Langhouse Rd to Kirk Ave
  25. Start Gritting Kirk Av to Glen Cr - turn right – Glen Cr to Glebe Rd – turn right – Glebe Rd to Langhouse Av – turn left.
  26. Stop Gritting Langhouse Av to Main St
  27. Start Gritting Main St to Station Rd - turn left - Station Rd to Station.
  28. Stop Gritting Turn - go to Finnockbog Rd - turn right.
  29. Start Gritting Finnockbog Rd to Railway Bridge.
  30. Stop Gritting Turn - go to Main St - turn left
  31. Start Gritting Main Street to A78.
  32. Stop Gritting Turn left - go to southbound off-slip at Power Station.
  33. Start Gritting Slip to Finnockbog Road - southbound on-slip to A78.
  34. Stop Gritting Go to Ardgowan Road - turn right.
  35. Start Gritting Ardgowan Road - Castle Road to Undercliffe Road.
  36. Stop Gritting About turn - go to junction with Lomond Road - turn right.
  37. Start Gritting Lomond Road - Kishorn Road to A78.
  38. Stop Gritting Turn left - go to northbound off-slip at Power Station.
  39. Start Gritting Off-slip to Finnockbog Road - turn right - Finnockbog Road to Lairds Dyke – turn left – Lairds Dyke - Ardoch  Dr  to turning circle at end.
  40. Stop Gritting About turn – travel to junction with Lochans Dr – turn right.
  41. Start Gritting Lochans Dr to turning circle at end.
  42. Stop Gritting About turn – Lochans Dr  to Lairds Dyke – turn right- to junction with Spey Rd – turn left
  43. Start Gritting Spey Road to roundabout - go round roundabout - take exit to Findhorn Road to Findhorn Cres (2nd Ent) – turn right – Findhorn Cres to Findhorn Rd- turn right – Findhorn Rd to Cullen Crescent - turn right - Cullen Crescent to Findhorn Road.
  44. Stop Gritting Turn right - Findhorn Road to Cullen Crescent.
  45. Start Gritting Turn left - Cullen Crescent to Spey Road.
  46. Stop Gritting Turn right - Spey Road - Finnockbog Road to northbound on-slip at Power Station.
  47. Start Gritting Northbound on-slip at Power Station to A78.
  48. Stop Gritting A78 to Harbourside - turn left
  49. Start Gritting Harbourdide to Crowmarty Grove – turn right – Crowmarty Grove to roundabout
  50. Stop Gritting Crowmarty Grove – Harbourside to A78 – turn left – A78 to A770 Junction.
  51. Start Gritting Off-slip to A770 on-slip to A78.
  52. Stop Gritting Travel A78 to South St roundabout – take third exit – Inverkip Street to Newton Street – turn left
  53. Start Gritting Newton St to Nelson St – turn left – Nelson Street to South St roundabout
  54. Stop Gritting At roundabout take forth exit on to Nelson Street – Nelson Street to junction with Newton Street
  55. Start Gritting Nelson Street to George Square – Kilblain St to Hastie St – turn right – Hastie St to West Shaw St Roundabout – 1st exit – West Shaw St to Inverkip St – take 3 exit
  56. Stop Gritting Travel Inverkip St to Bruce St – turn left
  57. Start Gritting Bruce St to Roxburgh St – turn left
  58. Stop Gritting Return to East Hamilton St depot
Map Gritting Route 3
Map of Gritting Route 3