Primary Snow Route 24 - B7054 - Fancy Farm, Wren Rd, Larkfield Rd & Earnhill Rd

  1. Start Ploughing Dellingburn St – Baker St – Drumfrochar Rd Cornhaddock St – Dunlop St to Barrs Cottage
  2. Stop Ploughing Travel A78 to Gleninver Rd – turn right
  3. Start Ploughing Gleninver Rd to Larkfield Rd, Greenock to Hospital Access to A770.  Larkfield Rd to Hilltop Rd – turn left – Larkfield Rd, Gourock to Earnhill Rd – turn right – Earnhill Rd to Roundabout – Roundabout to Larkfield Rd, Gourock – turn left – Larkfield Rd, Gourock to George Rd – turn left - George Rd to Drumshantie Rd – turn right – Drumshantie Rd to Broomberry Dr – turn right – Broomberry Dr to Larkfield Road – turn left - Hilltop Rd.  Travel Hilltop Rd to Larkfield Rd – turn left – Fancy Farm Rd – turn right – Wren Rd – turn right - Munro St – Same rout back to Dellingburn St
  4. Stop Ploughing Return to East Hamilton St depot
Map of Snow Route 24
Map of Snow Route 24