Residents' Parking Permits

Three residents’ parking permit zones have been introduced in Greenock town centre and some surrounding streets.

You can find the locations and details of all on and off-street parking places in Greenock on the Council’s parking restrictions map on the Documents link on this page titled Parking Zone Map Greenock.

These allow permit holders to park in limited waiting on-street bays and Council owned off-street car parks without limit of time and in Council owned pay and display car parks without payment in the zone to which the relevant permit applies.

The zones are:


  • Argyle Street,
  • Cathcart Street,
  • Cross Shore Street,
  • Dalrymple Street (between Laird Street and Grey Place)
  • Jamaica Street,
  • Grey Place,
  • Laird Street,
  • Nicolson Street (between Dalrymple Street and West Stewart Street),
  • Roslin Street,
  • Station Avenue,
  • West Blackhall Street,
  • Westburn Street,
  • West Stewart Street,
  • William Street.


  • Ann Street,
  • Buccleugh Street,
  • Crown Street,
  • King Street,
  • Sir Michael Street,
  • Sir Michael Place,
  • Smith Street,
  • Tobago Street.


  • Houston Street (between Kelly Street and Patrick Street),
  • Jamaica Lane,
  • Kelly Street between (Houston Street and Union Street).

Each household in the established zones is entitled to apply for a maximum of 2 parking permits.  These permits will be issued free of charge.

The Documents link on this page titled Residents’ Parking Permit T&C will allow you to view The Inverclyde Council Residents' Parking Permit Scheme, Terms and Conditions.  This document details who qualifies for a permit, how to apply for a permit and the general rules relating to permits.

Residents within zones GR2 and GR3 who are ‘blue badge’ holders will require to apply for a permit if they wish to park at times when the ‘permit holder only’ parking restrictions apply within their zone. To clarify the situation, at times when the permit holder only parking restriction applies, to take advantage of this, it is necessary for a residents’ parking permit to be displayed on a vehicle, regardless of whether or not a ‘blue badge’ is displayed.  Residents who hold a ‘blue badge’ in zone GR1 need not apply for a permit as your ‘blue badge’ allows you to park in on-street limited waiting bays, excluding time limited disabled parking bays, without limit of time.  You can also park in the pay & display off-street car parks within zone GR1 without charge when your ‘blue badge’ is displayed.

Paperless permits

The permits are virtual, or paperless permits, and you will not be issued with a permit to display on your vehicle.  This reduces the potential for fraud as permits cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another.  You will be issued with an email or letter stating if your application has been successful.  This email or letter will detail your individual permit number and the start and expiry.

Details of all permits will be held on the parking attendants’ handheld computers.  When your vehicle’s registration number is scanned by a parking attendant they will obtain details of your vehicle i.e. make and colour and the expiry date of your permit.  Parking attendants will not have access to your name or address details.

Eligible residents can apply for a maximum of 2 residents’ parking permits for their household.

To apply for a permit you will be required to provide 2 proof of residency documents as detailed in the terms and conditions.

We recommend that you apply for your residents’ parking permit online as it is quicker and more efficient. The link on this page titled Parking Permit Application will take you to the Inverclyde Permit Portal.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can pick up a paper application form from Greenock Central and Watt libraries.  Please be aware that paper based applications could take longer to process.

Your permit will be valid for 1 year and a reminder will be sent to you approximately 28 days before the expiry date.  If your initial application for a permit is submitted online, an email reminder will be issued to you.  If your initial application for a permit is submitted by post, a reminder letter will be issued to you.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have renewed your permit on time.

It is also your responsibility to ensure the details on your permit are up to date and you should notify Inverclyde Council of any relevant changes to your circumstances, for example, if you change your vehicle during the year; or if you move home within the current zone; or if you move to a different zone; or if you move out of the zoned parking areas altogether.

The link on this page titled Parking Permit Application will allow you to let us know of any changes via the Inverclyde Permit Portal or write to Inverclyde Permit Team, PO Box 597, Northampton, NN4 7XN.

If you have any questions relating to applying for a residents’ parking permit please contact 01604 625636.







Page last updated: 9 May 2016