Road Permits

Report an Obstruction

The link on this page titled, Report a Roads or Footpaths Fault , will take you to our on-line fault reporting.

Obstructions on Roads and Footways

It is an offence to obstruct public roads, footways and footpaths without permission from Inverclyde Council e.g. with advertising boards, building materials etc.

Roads and footways can become obstructed by overgrown hedges or trees. These are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to cut back.

Hedges should be cut back to the heel of the footway/road boundary. Trees should be pruned to give 2.4M clearance over footways and 5.0M clearance over roads.

Road Occupation and Scaffolding Permits

It is essential that you get the relevant permit before carrying out works affecting any road, footway or verge within Inverclyde.

The link on this page titled, Charging Booklet, will allow you to view our fees and charges.

Permits are issued by appointment. To make an appointment please contact Roads & Transportation via our Customer Service Centre.

Permits available are:

  • Skip – for placing and using a skip on a road
  • Temporary Traffic Signals – installation for whatever reason
  • Scaffolding – to occupy temporarily a portion of the road
  • Occupation – to occupy temporarily a portion of the road for deposition of sundry materials, containers etc.
  • Road Opening – to place or maintain apparatus in a road (eg a sewer)