Stair Lighting

Reporting a Lighting Fault

The link on this page titled, Report a Street Lighting or Traffic Lighting Fault, will take you to our on-line fault reporting.

Response times for Stair Lighting repairs

Replace lamps/ faulty components on a reactive basis within a five working day response period.
Attend and make safe any close that is reported as completely dark within 24 hours (subject to access).
Attend and make safe any wires exposed and / or damaged or dangerous equipment within 2 hours (subject to access).

Maintenance Service for privately owned stair, close and back court lighting

In order to receive this service a property has to have been previously registered with the Council and the installation will need to comply with the Council’s standard for stair lighting.

The link on this page, titled Stair Lighting Specification will allow you to view the Council’s specification standard for stair lighting.

You will need to provide the name of a factor or single point of contact within each close for billing and pay the annual maintenance charge in advance.  The price is per dwelling and is currently £35.45 plus VAT per annum (2024-2025).

Cancellation of the maintenance service, for the whole property, shall be in writing, (minimum notice period of three months by either party). The Council will need details of an alternative billing address for electrical consumption.