Street Lighting

Reporting a Lighting Fault

The link on this page titled, Report a Street Lighting or Traffic Lighting Fault, will take you to our on-line fault reporting.

If you consider that it is urgent e.g. there is a large section of street lights dark, there are exposed wires or even the lighting column has been damaged then you should contact us by phone.

You will be asked for the following information: street name, town and unit number. The unit number is normally found on the front of the lighting column e.g. R1 (black letters on a white painted disc).

Response times for Street Lighting repairs

  • Emergencies (doors off, vehicle damage, vandalism etc) - Attendance within 2 hours
  • Routine faults - Attendance and repair within five working days
  • Cable Faults - start investigation next working day and continue to completion

Street Lighting for New Housing Developments

As part of the overall construction consent process, developers are responsible for the design and installation of road lighting in any road which is prospectively adoptable by the Council. This process is vetted at all stages to ensure compliance with the relevant Council and national standards.

On completion of the works, a full electrical test is carried out by the developer and witnessed by the Council. After this they will be subject to maintenance by the developer until formal completion of the adoption process when the Council takes over responsibility for maintenance of the roads and associated lighting.