Are there Restrictions on Grave Access?

There will be occasions when Burial Grounds staff need to excavate the lair adjoining the one which you have purchased. The excavated soil may have to be placed on your lair.

In most cases, excavations are carried out two days in advance of interment. This time scale is necessary in order to confirm that the lair is able to accept the interment. If our excavation indicates that the planned interment cannot be achieved, reasonable time is required for us to report back to the funeral director who in turn needs to discuss options with the bereaved family.

Burial Grounds staff will usually place boards over an adjacent lair (to allow firm footing for pall bearers lowering the coffin) and heap the excavated soil uphill of the lair. As a matter of course they read the dates on adjacent memorials to check for anniversaries or, during the festive period, if interments have taken place within the last year, and if at all possible, avoid locating the soil heap on these graves.

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Page last updated: 10 April 2015