Feedback is important for further developing and enhancing the high quality Service Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service seeks to provide. Individuals working with the Service will have the opportunity to provide feedback about the Service throughout the duration of contact.

In addition to this, individuals are asked on commencing working with Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service to complete a needs assessment. This assists the Service to tailor a package of support dependent on the risks and needs of the individual.  



Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service wants to provide individuals with a high quality responsive Service that demonstrates fairness, respect and openness when working with people.

If for any reason an individual is dissatisfied with the Service provided by Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service, a complaint should be made. This can be done verbally with any Inverclyde HSCP member of staff, or in writing.

Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service is compliant with Inverclyde HSCP complaint policy and guidelines. All complaints will be fully investigated to strict time deadlines. If there are learning opportunities arising from investigation, changes will be implemented to reflect this.

Further information relating to Inverclyde HSCP Complaints procedures can be accessed at related links.


Page last updated: 29 January 2019