Partnership Working

Prison Based Social Work

HMP Greenock is a prison within Inverclyde. Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service also provides a Prison Based Social Work team (PBSW).  The PBSW team support individuals serving custodial sentences at HMP Greenock.  They are involved in induction processes, managing individuals, intervention work, parole and review processes and undertaking risk assessments.

An individual can request an appointment with the PBSW team at any point throughout their time in prison.  If an individual from Inverclyde is serving a custodial sentence at a different prison and has a period of Supervision in the community post release, Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service will still be involved.  It is likely the service will liaise with other PBSW teams on a regular basis.  


Youth Justice

Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service recognises the importance of providing a Service best suited to the needs of the people we work with.  Individuals involved in offending behaviours below the age of 18 years will likely receive support from Inverclyde Youth Justice Service.

The Inverclyde Youth Justice Service promotes a whole system approach when working with children and young people.  This means the Service seeks to prevent, divert, manage and change offending behaviours of individuals by undertaking effective early intervention.  There is a commitment to try to reduce the number of individuals working with Inverclyde Youth Justice Service from entering the adult criminal justice system. 


Community Justice

‘Improving Lives and Strengthening Communities’ is the mission statement for Inverclyde Community Justice Partnership. Community Justice works to enhance the collective support for individuals involved in the criminal justice system by working in partnership with local communities and voluntary agencies to prevent harm and promote offence free lives, social inclusion, and citizenship.  

Further information about Inverclyde Community Justice Partnership and the Community Justice Local Improvement Plan 2017-2022 can be accessed in related links and documents.

Page last updated: 20 February 2019