Criminal Justice Social Work Reports

Following guilt for an offence being established, but prior to sentence, the Court can request a pre-sentence report known as a Criminal Justice Social Work Report (CJSWR). This report will contain an offence analysis, background information of the individual concerned, a professional risk assessment, and suitability of relevant disposals. The report can be used by the person sentencing to aid sentencing decisions.  

Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service will direct an individual to a CJSWR interview. The individual should be prepared to discuss their offending behaviours and background information including education and employment history, family and relationship circumstances, and health and financial details. On occasion, additional CJSWR interviews may be arranged to gather further information. The CJSWR will highlight risk factors associated with offending behaviours along with public protection considerations. 

The person sentencing will have sight of the CJSWR and the defence agent.


Home Background Reports

A Home Background Report (HBR) is a report requested by Parole Board Scotland undertaken by Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service. Parole Board Scotland request a number of reports from different agencies before determining whether an individual can be released on licence from prison and what licence conditions (requirements) to impose in order to manage the risks an individual presents within the community.

As part of the HBR process Inverclyde Criminal Justice Service will meet with the individual subject of the report to analyse offending behaviours. The progress an individual has made in prison will be sought, the proposed release address will be checked, professional risk assessments will be undertaken, the individual’s plans following release will be discussed and likely licence conditions explained. As part of the process the Service will also likely undertake a visit to the family home.

Following completion of the HBR, Parole Board Scotland will review all information and additional reports to inform their decision making. 

Page last updated: 29 January 2019