Obesity (including Physical Activity and Nutrition)


Inverclyde Leisure in partnership with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Inverclyde Community Health and Care Partnership are pleased to deliver the Active Children Eat Smart (ACES) Programme.

The main aim of the ACES programme is to assist children and young people, in cooperation with their families, to either lose weight or not gain further weight. Each session has been designed with practical solutions in mind to help families make changes and become more active and ultimately, eat more healthily. Some weeks involve practical food sessions but there are also games and activities every week too.

  • Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes
  • Sessions take place with groups of children or young people of similar age ranges
  • Our ACES coaches are very experienced working with children and young people
  • Most importantly, ACES is free!

If you and your family are interested in coming along to ACES please contact 01475 213136 to arrange a one to one appointment.


Weigh in @ Work

The Weigh in @ Work pack is a FREE weight management resource to help you maintain a healthy weight!  Weekly weigh in’s and a community programme.

The WI@W pack has recently been reviewed and updated and subsequently a new online version of the resource has been developed.  The online version has the same flexibility as the hard copy where people can use the information in the pack in any order and this can be accessed via the link on the left hand side of this page.


Waist Winners

Waist Winners is an 8 week weight management programme which offers a weekly weigh-in and healthy eating advice. Each week covers a different topic about food and how to achieve a steady weight loss by making little changes to diet and lifestyle.

Waist Winners is group based and these sessions are available free of charge. The sessions last for about 1 hour and both daytime and evening sessions are available within Port Glasgow and Greenock.

Clients can be referred to Waist Winners by their GP or Practice Nurse OR they can contact the service directly on 01475 502510.


Weigh to go for young people

Weigh to Go for young people aged 16-18 is a research project that aims to address physical activity and weight management.

An initial assessment and ongoing support will be provided by the Youth Health Service. You can access free commercial weight management and gym/leisure services for 24 weeks.

You can call the service or or pop in and have a chat. More information is available via the link at the left hand side of this page, or by calling:

Telephone: 01475 728628      Text / Mobile: 07807 234 328


There is also the Health & Wellbeing Directory, within the Public Health Service Directory for the NHS GGC, accessed via the link on the left hand side of this page.