What benefits am I entitled to?

What is the benefit calculator?

Inverclyde Council’s benefit calculator is easy to use and calculates, based on the personal information you provide, what benefits you may be entitled to.  It is completely anonymous and only you get to see the calculation.

Completing it should take no more than ten minutes and at the end you can download a copy of your calculation or email it to yourself.

Start the Benefit Calculator

Why should I check my benefit entitlement?

Each year across the UK, billions of pounds in benefits go unclaimed.  This is often money that people have earned and could be used to help them.  Unfortunately, no-one tells you when you are entitled to a benefit unless you ask them, so the responsibility to check is yours.

Fortunately, the Inverclyde Benefit calculator does this for you, and you can also chat with an online adviser if you need any further information or want to ask a question.

When should I check my benefit entitlement?

It’s a good idea to check you benefit entitlement anytime your circumstances change, such as when you move home, become unemployed or change jobs. You should also check if you or any of your family experience a long term change in their heath or have any disabilities.

It’s also important to check if your benefits change, as your entitlement to other benefits may also have changed.

How do I claim any benefits I am entitled to?

How you claim a benefit depends on what type of benefit you want to claim. If you want to know how to claim a specific benefit, you can chat with an online adviser or telephone Inverclyde Advice First on 01475 715 299.

What if I am refused a benefit I think I should be receiving?

If you are refused a benefit that you believe you are entitled to, you will be able to ask that the decision is reconsidered. If you are still not happy with the decision you may be able to appeal it. If you want to challenge a benefit decision, contact Advice First on 01475 715 299 or speak with our online adviser.