Adult Community Mental Health Service

The Adult Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) provides a range of interventions to support treatment, and enable recovery including:

  • targeted psychological interventions
  • early intervention for younger people presenting with first episode psychosis
  • medication clinics
  • access to support to enable people to live safely at home
  • group based activities to support skills development and recovery

The service works in partnership with third sector organisations to provide longer term care support services and enable people to engage with their local community and access activities and resources that further support recovery.

 The Community Mental Health Team includes:

  • Social Workers
  • CPN's
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • and a range of support staff

The Community Mental Health Team works in tandem with the Primary Care Mental Health Team.

The Community Mental Health team also provides a Community Response Service (CRS), which is an element of the community and inpatient mental health services. This element of the service provides: prompt assessment of individuals with indicative mental disorder/ill health; with the ability to mobilise resources to meet assessed need to provide an alternative to admission to hospital; and where admission is appropriate, facilitate timeous discharge.

Access to the CRS is appropriate for people over the age of 18 years, who consequent to a mental disorder are:

  • at risk of self harm, and /or
  • may present a risk to others and /or
  • that admission to a mental health inpatient unit would otherwise be considered appropriate

The functions of the CRS are to:

  • Provide assessment of all urgent referrals to the secondary adult mental health service
  • provide safe appropriate alternative to hospital admission
  • Support people (known or unknown) assessed as requiring urgent treatment / intervention for a period of up to 21 days
  • Support timeous discharge from the Acute Admissions Unit (AAU)
  • Provide liaison function for people admitted to AAU

 Access to this service is generally via GP referral.