Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

The North Strathclyde Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) fundamental purpose is to support public protection and the reduction of serious harm to the public.  It offers a co-ordinated approach to the management of registered sex offenders and certain mentally disordered offenders (restricted patients).

Outlined below are some of the key features of MAPPA. The three key stages of MAPPA are;

Stage 1 – Identification
Stage 2 – Information Sharing and Risk Assessment
Stage 3 – Risk Management

Categories of MAPPA offenders

In Scotland at present there are 2 categories of offenders subject to MAPPA.

  1. Registered Sex Offenders for the period of their registration.
  2. Restricted Patients (mentally disordered).  These offenders will have been detained in hospital under specific restriction orders, as they will be deemed an on going risk of serious harm. 

Who is involved in MAPPA?

The Responsible Authorities (RA) in MAPPA are: 

  • Police
  • Local Authority (Social Work, housing etc)
  • Health
  • Scottish Prison Service (whilst in custody)

    MAPPA places a duty on other agencies to co-operate.  These agencies include:

  • Department of Work and Pensions
  • Children’s Reporter
  • Voluntary agencies

    MAPPA Information Sharing

    The lead agencies for MAPPA offenders are:

  • Police – for MAPPA offenders subject to Sex Offender Notification Requirements only
  • Criminal Justice Social Work – For offenders subject to statutory supervision
  • Scottish Prison Service – whilst MAPPA offender are in custody
  • Health – for restricted patients in hospital and in the community

    Levels at which MAPPA offenders are managed:

    Level 1 – Routine Risk Management – These are the largest number of MAPPA offenders and can be managed by Police or Social Work through information sharing and joint working.

    Level 2 – Multi-agency risk management - This requires multi-agency involvement where the level of collaboration and co-ordination is necessary to manage the risk of serious harm.

    Level 3 – Multi Agency public protection panel - These individuals are the critical few who present the highest risk of serious harm.  They will require an intensive level of support that can only be agreed by the responsible authorities senior management. The case will be complex and have multi-agency involvement.

    MAPPA Notifications and Referrals

    Notification must be completed by the lead agency within 3 days after sentencing at court.  For Level 1 offenders a notification only is required.

    For Level 2 or 3 cases a referral should be made by the lead agency, in discussion with the MAPPA Co-ordinator, and those involved in the risk management of that individual.  This must be made within 5 working days of the notification (eight working days after sentencing).

    Initial MAPPA level 2 meetings must take place within 20 days of a referral.  At each Level 2 meeting a decision will be taken whether the risk management of that individual requires to be maintained at a Level 2, and if so, subsequent reviews should take place by every 12 weeks.  If the decision to reduce the risk management to Level 1, then future meetings will take place within the Level 1 process.

    Level 3 meetings will take place within 5 working days of referral being received and reviewed every 6 weeks thereafter.

    MAPPA Co-ordinator

    Functions of the MAPPA Coordinator:

  • Support the Responsible Authorities whose job it is to carry out the joint MAPPA arrangements.
  • Ensure that the right people are brought together for MAPPA meetings within prescribed timescales.
  • Gatekeeper for all notifications and referrals.
  • Discuss referral decisions with lead agency where the necessary criteria does not appear to be met.
  • Act as central point of contact for the responsible authorities and agencies who have a duty to cooperate.
  • Provide training and support to all staff involved in the MAPPA process.
  • Supports the work of MAPPA Operational Group and MAPPA Strategic Oversight Group.
  • Quality Assure MAPPA processes recommending improvements where appropriate.
  • Attend Level 2 and 3 meetings.
  • Develop processes and procedures to ensure the effective working of MAPPA.