Missing Shares

Payment of Missing Shares (Section 50 Housing (Scotland) Act 2006)

Where the majority of owners within a property in common ownership agree to undertake common repair/maintenance works, the Council may pay the missing shares of the minority who are unwilling or unable to participate (with an individual share being above £300 which may be subject to change).

Monies will be paid into a maintenance account to facilitate the works and the Council will subsequently pursue these owners for recovery of their full share of the costs on completion of the works.

Who is it for?

Section 50 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 allows the majority of owners to request that Inverclyde Council Public Health and Housing Services to pay the missing shares for maintenance work to properties with shared communal areas.

Inverclyde Council can pay a Missing Share if:

  • The owners are responsible for carrying out maintenance work to common areas of the building
  • The majority of the owners have agreed to carry out the work
  • The owners have been requested to pay, and have paid their share of the funds for the works, into a maintenance account
  • The majority of owners have notified the non-paying owners that they are in the minority and their payment is required in order for the works to be instructed.
  • The split of the cost has been carried out in accordance with the Title Deeds.
Please note if work has commenced prior to receiving approval of a missing shares application from the Council, assistance through Section 50 (Missing Shares) will not be available.  Assistance is not available retrospectively.