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Save the date for the Winter Wellness Week in Inverclyde!

Between Monday 28 February and Friday 4 March, CVS Inverclyde, in partnership with Inverclyde HSCP are organising a week of online and in-person workshops and activities, for health and social care staff across the HSCP, 3rd and Independent Sectors and Primary Care staff, to promote wellbeing: physical, mental and financial.

This information is also included in the promotional flyer on the right hand side of this page.


Inverclyde HSCP brings together all Health services covered by the Community Health Partnership and all Social Work Services. 

In November 2020, the HSCP launched a local delivery plan (Workplace Wellbeing Matters) at a much needed time and reminded us all of the importance of looking after the wellbeing and resilience of Inverclyde’s health and social care workforce. 

Workplace Wellbeing Matters captures some of the essence of caring for and supporting each other and supports the HSCP’s Strategic Plan.  In looking after our wellbeing and resilience this helps the HSCP and its partners, to deliver on the strategic vision of ensuring “Inverclyde is a caring, compassionate community working together to address inequalities and assist everyone to live active, healthy and fulfilling lives”. 

The Plan has been branded within the context of ‘Inverclyde Cares’, recognising that everyone has a role in supporting one another.  The desire to belong, to be appreciated, respected and cared for is core to all human being wellbeing.  Additionally it is recognising that these inter-dependencies go a long way to developing what the caring needs are to have a workforce who deserve to have excellent wellbeing and resilience.

The delivery plan itself was constructed in a very short space of time and has the overall aim of –

“Across Inverclyde we will deliver on integrated and collaborative approaches to support and sustain effective, resilient, and a valued health and social care workforce”

Ensuring all staff working in health and social care stay safe and well is essential to support them to deliver the best care to service users and their carers. This is augmented by providing resources and support so that workforce wellbeing and resilience is sustained and improved.

Inverclyde HSCP believe that an organisation’s greatest asset is its workforce and every effort will be made to ensure there are appropriate, proactive and accessible resources to keep staff mentally and physically well and ensure that everyone supports and pays attention to their own, and others’, wellbeing needs on a daily basis.


National Wellbeing Helpline (0800 111 4191)