Democracy and Elections

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Democracy and Elections
Democracy and Elections

Inverclyde Council administers all local, Scottish and UK elections in Inverclyde. There are three standard types of elections:

  • Local Government 
  • Scottish Parliamentary; and
  • UK Parliamentary.

In addition to these:

  • By-Elections may be held if a Councillor, MSP or MP dies or resigns; amd
  • Referendums can also be held, and will usually be adminsitered in the same way as an eleciton.

The Chief Executive of the Inverclyde Council is the Returning Officer for all of these elections.  In the case of a referendum the Returning Officer is called the Counting Officer.

These pages are designed to give you some useful information on elections, such as who is eligible to vote, the different ways you can cast your vote, information on any forthcoming elections and results of past elections. Please use the links on this page to find out more information.

You can also contact the Election Team on the details shown on this page for further information.

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