Stopping-Up Orders

Stopping Up/Diversion Orders

A Stopping Up Order (SUO) or a Diversion Order (DO) is a legal order under Sections 207 or 208 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997. If there is a need to divert or stop up a road (but not a trunk road), footpath or bridleway permanently to enable a development to be carried out in accordance with planning permission granted under Part III of the aforementioned Act, the Council must promote a Stopping Up/Diversion Order explaining the circumstances.

The advert will include the reasons for the proposed changes and the likely effects they will have.

Any new Stopping Up/Diversion Orders will be published on this website. SUOs and DOs are also advertised in the local press and Edinburgh Gazette and are displayed for public view in various Council offices.

Stopping Up/Diversion Orders Objection Process

If you have a reason why you feel the proposed action should not go ahead, you should send details of your grounds for objection in writing, quoting the name of the Stopping Up/Diversion Order and the reference number to:

Gerard Malone
Head of Legal and Property Services
Environment, Regeneration & Resources
Municipal Buildings
Greenock PA15 1LX

Objections to the Stopping Up/Diversion Order must be received by the date advised in the SUO or DO.

Your letter will be acknowledged once the objection period has lapsed (the objection period for a SUO/DO is 28 days). We will investigate your objection and advise you of our findings.

If you are not satisfied with the response given to your objection and you still feel there are reasons to object to the proposed changes, you should contact Gerard Malone at the above address. If you are still not satisfied then the matter will be dealt with by the Scottish Ministers and their decision will be final.