Safe, Sustainable Communities Committee

Last Meeting: 06 March 2012 15:00

Summary of Committee Remit

The Safe, Sustainable Communities Committee has corporate responsibility for:

  • Strategic Housing Issues
  • Community Safety/Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Regional Land Use/Transportation Planning
  • Sustainability (including Strategic Environmental Assessment)
  • Emergency Planning
  • Directorate planning, performance management reporting and financial monitoring for the following service areas:
    • Strategic Housing Function
    • Management and Repair of Housing Stock
    • Safer Communities
    • Planning and Transportation
    • Environmental Services
  • Overseeing the Council’s relationship with the following agencies and partnerships:
    • Strathclyde Joint Police Board
    • Strathclyde Fire and Rescue
    • Strathclyde Partnership for Transport
    • River Clyde Homes

Committee Members

  1. Councillor McCabe
  2. Councillor MacLeod
  3. Councillor Wilson
  4. Councillor Grieve
  5. Councillor Moran
  6. Councillor McIlwee
  7. Councillor Ahlfeld
  8. Councillor White
  9. Councillor Dorrian
  10. Councillor Nelson
  11. Councillor Rebecchi

Convener: Councillor Moran
Vice-Convener: Councillor Wilson

Quorum: 6

Contact details

Business/Democratic Services Manager
Legal and Democratic Services
Inverclyde Council
Municipal Buildings
Greenock PA15 1LX

Tel: 01475 717171
Fax: 01475 712137

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Non Council Members

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