Memorials set for safety check

Thursday 16 February 2017

Inverclyde Council will be carrying out safety inspections to headstones at Inverkip and Kilmacolm cemeteries. The safety checks will start on Monday 27 February 2017, and take one week to complete. The inspections are necessary to make sure headstones are stable and don’t pose a danger to visitors or staff.

If a headstone poses a high risk, it will be laid down flat.  Any that can’t be laid down right away will be clearly signposted, warning of the danger and for visitors to keep clear. Owners of headstones that are not dangerous but are in need of repair will be contacted and advised that they should have a memorial mason inspect and repair the headstone.

When a headstone has to be laid down, it will be laid in such a way that the inscription is still visible.

A council spokesman said: “Headstones can, over the years, become less stable on their foundations and need to be checked.  If a headstone is identified as potentially dangerous we will take action right away.  If it’s not immediately dangerous we will attempt to contact lair owners to notify them that their headstone is in need of repair.”

“Burial records include the name and addresses of registered lair holders.  But, because many lair holders have moved home, or perhaps another family member now has the lair documents, we would ask that those with headstones in either Inverkip or Kilmacolm cemeteries contact us. Please call 01475 715658 or email the burial grounds office at to update your contact details."

Page last updated: 16 February 2017