Council Elections – Full List of Candidates

Wednesday 29 March 2017

46 candidates will contest 22 seats on Inverclyde Council in 7 Wards

Ward 1 - Inverclyde East
BOYLAND Jim Independent
CURLEY Christopher  Scottish National Party (SNP)
MCCABE Stephen Scottish Labour Party
STOYLE Jacci Scottish Liberal Democrats
WILSON David Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Ward 2 – Inverclyde East Central
HENDERSON Robbie Scottish Liberal Democrats
MACLEOD Iain D Scottish Conservative and Unionist
MACLEOD Jim Scottish National Party (SNP)
MCKENZIE Drew Independent
MORAN Robert Scottish Labour Party
PICKETT Donna Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 3 - Inverclyde Central

BRYSON Ian Thomas Scottish Conservative and Unionist
JACKSON Colin Scottish Labour Party
MCCORMICK Michael Scottish Labour Party
MCELENY Jim Scottish National Party (SNP)
PEBERDY Jayne Scottish National Party (SNP)
SHEPHERD Kenny Scottish Liberal Democrats
Ward 4 - Inverclyde North
BRENNAN Martin Scottish Labour Party
BROOKS Graeme Scottish Conservative and Unionist
CLOCHERTY Jim Scottish Labour Party
DONNACHIE Philomena Scottish National Party (SNP)
HIGGINS Alasdair Scottish Liberal Democrats
MCELENY Eddie  Independent
ROBERTSON Elizabeth Scottish National Party (SNP)


Ward 5 - Inverclyde West
AHLFELD Ronald Independent
HOLLIDAY Alan Scottish Labour Party
KELLY James  Scottish Conservative and Unionist
MCELENY Christopher William Scottish National Party (SNP)
QUINN Lynne  Independent
WHITE George Scottish Liberal Democrats


Ward 6 - Inverclyde South West
DORRIAN Gerry Scottish Labour Party
HOUSTON J B Independent
JACK Dominic William  Scottish Conservative and Unionist
NELSON Innes Scottish National Party (SNP)
NICHOLSON Alan Scottish National Party (SNP)
PURDON Gary  Independent
REBECCHI Ciano Scottish Liberal Democrats


Ward 7 - Inverclyde South
COOKE John Independent
CROWTHER John  Scottish National Party (SNP)
DUFFY Anne Scottish Liberal Democrats
JONES Vaughan Independent
MCAULEY Agnes Scottish National Party (SNP)
MCNEIL Maureen Scottish Conservative and Unionist
MCVEY Tommy Independent
MURPHY Natasha Scottish Labour Party

Page last updated: 3 April 2017