Inverclyde Council Election Results

Friday 5 May 2017

New Councillors have been elected following polling in the Scottish Local Government Elections on Thursday 4 May 2017

Ward 1 - Inverclyde East

Christopher CURLEY Scottish National Party (SNP)
Stephen MCCABE Scottish Labour Party
David WILSON Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Ward 2 - Inverclyde East Central

Jim MACLEOD Scottish National Party
Drew MCKENZIE Independent
Robert MORAN Scottish Labour Party

Ward 3 - Inverclyde Central

Colin JACKSON Scottish Labour Party
Michael McCORMICK Scottish Labour Party
Jim MCELENY Scottish National Party (SNP

Ward 4 - Inverclyde North

Martin BRENNAN Scottish Labour Party
Graeme BROOKS Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Jim CLOCHERTY Scottish Labour Party
Elizabeth ROBERTSON Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 5 - Inverclyde West

Ronald AHLFELD Independent
Christopher William MCELENY Scottish National Party (SNP)
Lynne QUINN Independent

Ward 6 - Inverclyde South West

Gerry DORRIAN Scottish Labour Party
Innes NELSON Scottish National Party (SNP)
Ciano REBECCHI Scottish Liberal Democrats

Ward 7 - Inverclyde South

John CROWTHER Scottish National Party (SNP)
Tommy MCVEY Independent
Natasha MURPHY Scottish Labour Party


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