School’s out for summer but stay safe in the holidays

Friday 28 June 2019

As kids stream out the school doors on the last day of term, Inverclyde Council is issuing a reminder to children and parents about summer holiday road safety.

Councillor Jim Clocherty, Convener of Inverclyde Council’s Educations & Communities Committee said, “We want our pupils to have a great summer and we want to see them all back again safe and well when term starts in August.

“There were all kinds of public information films in the 1970s about road safety which we don’t have anymore. But they contained some solid safety messages.

“Parents were told, ‘Next time you check the car, check the bike!’

“Is your child's bike safe and fit to be on the road? Do the brakes work properly? Are the tyres pumped up and do they have enough tread?

“Make sure the bike is the right size for your child. Both of their feet should be able to touch the ground, but not flat as this can affect their balance. Your child should have a helmet which fits and is worn correctly, not pushed too far back on the head. And it’s no good wearing a helmet if it isn’t done up right.

“The other message was, ‘Wear bright gear!’ Your child should wear high-visibility clothing when cycling. If they’re out at night they should have a white light at the front and a red light on the rear.

“Actor David Prowse is famous as the body of Darth Vader but he first hit our screens in 1975 as the Green Cross Code Man.

“His message is still valid today. Stop, look and listen!”

“The Green Cross Code says:

1.      Find a safe place to cross. Don’t cross between parked cars or step out from behind a bus

2.      Stop just before you get to the kerb

3.      Look all around for traffic and listen

4.      If traffic is coming, let it pass and look and listen again

5.      When it is safe, go straight across the road, do not run, and keep looking and listening while you cross.

“Be safe this summer!”

Page last updated: 28 June 2019