Toilets to close early in a bid to tackle antisocial behaviour

Monday 2 September 2019

Vandalism and antisocial behaviour has forced the council to change the opening hours at the Hunters Place and Kilbain Street public toilets.

The toilets currently open at 8am and close at 9pm. Under new proposals the toilets would still open at 8am but would close at 6pm.

The new opening hours are part of a 12 month pilot project to address antisocial behaviour and vandalism in and around the toilets. The trial will be assessed at the end of the year to see if the change in closing hours should be made permanent.

Councillor Michael McCormick, Convener of Inverclyde Council’s Environment & Regeneration Committee said, “We decided to introduce this pilot project after Police Scotland recommended that the toilets should close at the same time as the Oak Mall shopping centre. The aim is to see if this reduces the number of antisocial behaviour incidents at the toilets and in the surrounding area.

The toilets have previously been set on fire and stall doors are regularly kicked off their hinges. Following one incident the toilets were shut for three weeks for major repairs.

Councillor McCormick said, “This is deeply regrettable because there is a need for public toilets. It’s very unfortunate that local people have to face a reduced service because of the inconsiderate actions of a small number of people but we have to consider the wider issue of public safety.”

The proposal originated at a meeting between council officials and Police Scotland, held to try and find a way to resolve the ongoing issues at the toilets.

Page last updated: 2 September 2019