Deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19)

Commenting on the latest release of weekly figures of covid-19 related deaths across Scotland, Inverclyde Council Provost Martin Brennan said: “The latest statistics released by the National Records of Scotland make yet more sad reading for Inverclyde.

"The statistical report  is important as it can help to drive public policy and make sure that resources and action are being targetted at the right parts of the country.

"As a community we must never forget that we have lost 93 members of the Inverclyde community to this virus. These are all family, friends, colleagues and neighbours who are grieving right now at the loss of a loved one."

Across Scotland there have been  2,272 covid-19-related deaths while in Inverclyde there have been  93.  When measured against the rest of the country deaths by covid-19 in Inverclyde are 11.9 per 10,000 while the Scottish average is significantly less at 4.2 per 10,000.

Deaths in Inverclyde are further listed by location with hospital still accounting for the largest number of deaths registered.  27 people in care homes in Inverclyde have died, 11 people have died elsewhere or in the home and 55 have died in hospital.