Council launches CCTV crackdown on littering

Friday 13 March 2020

A second local litter bug has been snared turfing take-out trash out of their car and has now been served with an £80, fixed penalty notice as part of an Inverclyde Council crackdown on littering.

The local authprity is stepping up its action against littering as part of a new campaign using CCTV footage. Council enforcement officers traced the driver through their number plate.

Councillor Michael McCormick, Convener of Inverclyde Council’s Environment & Regeneration Committee, said, “Inverclyde has faced a rash of fly tipping over the last year. This is a major problem and one which we work hard to address but identifying the culprits is often a problem.

“The information we have obtained over the last week has allowed us to take instant enforcement action. This is a good example of how local people can fight back against antisocial behaviour and reclaim their communities. Please contact us if you have any information that helps us to catch the dumb dumpers.

“If you have a take-out in the car there is no excuse for dumping the rubbish where you’re parked. Take it home and disposing of it properly.”

Littering isn’t a victimless crime. Across Scotland clearing up litter and fly-tipping costs councils £45 million a year. A further £6.5 million is spent on enforcement. This is all money that could be better spent on facilities and services for local communities.

In Scotland, when a person is caught dropping litter they can be issued with an £80 fixed penalty notice. If the £80 is not paid, local authorities can refer the unpaid fine to the procurator fiscal, who can then impose a fine of up to £2,500.


Page last updated: 13 March 2020