Showing support to Aegean refugees

Councillors on Inverclyde Council’s policy and resources committee have shown their support for Aegean refugees.

The move follows a request from the Scotland branch of Europe Must Act, a movement calling for the decongestion of refugee camps in the Greek Aegean Islands and a humane migration policy in Europe.

Councillors have now supported in principle the campaign and sought a more detailed report on what support the council can provide to support the plight of refugees.

Inverclyde Council leader, Councillor Stephen McCabe, said: “Inverclyde has a strong reputation for the warm welcome we have given to people seeking refuge in our country. We have also shown over the years that we are there to support people in difficulty whether at home or anywhere across the globe.

“Councillors have once again shown that we are there shoulder to shoulder with people in need and I look forward to getting more detail on how we can provide direct intervention or support for the Aegean refugees.

“It is also important that we use the mechanisms we have available to raise awareness of the plight of people living in camps.  The overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions where Europe Must Act have highlighted that more than 30,000 men, women and children are trapped for months or years in camps designed for under 6,000 people is appalling and something that we all must know more about and do what we can to support.

“With so much attention rightly on issues like covid and brexit, the ongoing plight of people like the Aegean refugees can easily slip off news agendas but that does not mean the problem has gone away. Often quite the opposite that without the spotlight of public attention their plight could easily get worse.”