Adult Protection Awareness Day

PROTECTING adults from harm, abuse or neglect is being highlighted as part of an annual campaign.

Inverclyde Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) and Inverclyde Council are backing Adult Protection Awareness Day on Saturday (20 February) to encourage residents to keep an eye out for others in the community who may be suffering for a variety of reasons.

Harm, abuse and neglect can take many forms and something which appears to be completely innocent or normal could in fact be hiding something more sinister.

The council/HSCP has produced videos and supporting messages which for their respective social media channels to highlight what people should look out for and who to contact if they fear an adult is in danger.

There is also a message from Alex Davidson, independent convener of Inverclyde Adult Support and Protection Committee.

Mr Davidson said: “I am pleased, as the independent convener of Inverclyde Adult Support and Protection Committee, to support the adult support and protection information activity taking place across Scotland.

“I am supported in this work by a multi-agency committee drawn from the HSCP, Police Scotland, the voluntary sector, and by the dedicated work on adult protection by staff across all sectors.

“The day brings attention to the need for vigilance on protection activity, possible financial risk and harm, physical abuse, self-harm and neglect, and which has continued to have high priority through the period of the pandemic.

“I would encourage you to view the excellent materials depicting possible elements of risk and harm, and if you are concerned, ‘it is right to say something’ to contact us. Keep safe.”

The local campaign raises questions such as whether bruises on an older person’s arm are from a fall or a push, the difference between borrowing money from an adult or stealing, and whether someone is lonely or being neglected.

Councillor Robert Moran, Inverclyde’s health and social care convener, said: “Abuse, harm and neglect can take many forms and are often taking place in plain sight.

“Just because someone is an adult doesn’t mean they can’t be taken advantage of.

“It’s not necessarily older or vulnerable adults either who need our help either, adults of all ages may need protection from sinister motives or actions.

“This important campaign reminds us all of our duty to look out for others who may be suffering from harm or abuse in our communities and report anything untoward.”

For more information about adult protection and for help and support visit, call 01475 715010 (or 0300 343 1505 out of hours) or 999 in an emergency.