Council calls for £500 payment for council workers

Councillors in Inverclyde have unanimously called on the Scottish Government to increase pay for local government workers.

Following a motion put forward by Councillor Colin Jackson, the council agreed that the council would urge the Scottish Government to meet COSLA leaders about public sector pay and to match the four per cent offer to health staff for councils and to make a payment of £500 to council employees to match the payment made to health and care staff.

Councillor Jackson said: “Throughout the pandemic workers have continued to deliver services often unseen and with no applause in councils here in Inverclyde and across the country.  Council staff have gone to extraordinary lengths to maintain services and support people in our community while at the same time dealing with the same issues every one of us has been facing during the pandemic.

“It is important that the work is recognised and pay fairness with other public service workers will start to bring some balance into the public sector pay.  The motion highlights the importance of continued negotiation on pay and support for council workers across the country.”

Inverclyde Council depute leader, Councillor Jim Clocherty, who seconded the motion, said: “As a member of COSLA it is crucial that we join forces with our colleagues across Scotland to support the concerns raised by trade unions and press the Government to agree a better offer on pay.  The council has agreed unanimously that this important issue is raised at the highest levels of Government to ensure COSLA and Council Leaders are able to press for that enhanced offer.”

The motion submitted by Councillor Colin Jackson and seconded by Councillor Jim Clocherty and further amended by Councillor Elizabeth Robertson and seconded by Councillor  Christopher Curley was approved as follows:

Council endorses the views expressed by COSLA in relation to the SJC pay claim and notes:

  1. The extraordinary lengths local government staff have gone to in order to maintain services and support individuals and communities over the course of the pandemic and expresses our appreciation of their continuing efforts.
  2. The erosion of pay levels within local government.
  3. That based on the current context of the local government settlement, councils across Scotland have indicated that an enhanced pay offer is unaffordable and would lead to cuts in services and jobs.
  4. The concerns raised by the SJC local government trade unions, their rejection of the current pay offer and the urgency of a meeting with Scottish Government to discuss the funding of an enhanced offer.

Council therefore resolves to write to the Scottish Government:

  • To urge the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy to meet with COSLA Leaders to discuss sustainable changes to the context of Public Sector Pay decision-making in relation to Local Government
  • to support COSLA’s request for additional baselined funding to match the 4% offer to health staff, and non-recurring funding to make a £500 recognition payment to local government staff who have not received such a payment.